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All the Soy Candles at Full Moon in Virgo aren't just "poured and stored". They are hand crafted and individually prepared with a unique energy that separates them from any other candle.


Reiki healing music is played throughout the entire candle preparation, making and cooling process.

The natural soy wax is Reikied before it is melted which is accomplished using the stovetop method - not a microwave. Reiki is also performed while the candle is cooling and then on the final product itself.

Each candle is given a home blessing. An intention or wish is then placed upon them which is relevant to that blend of the candle.

While the candles are cooling they are surrounded by white tea-light candles and crystals which are intuitively picked especially for each type of candle. For instance our Chai candle is energised by many crystals, one of which is Goldstone. It is an uplifting crystal that's promotes optimism which fills your life with positive energies.

Completed candles are stored with a Selenite crescent moon crystal. It is a protective stone which shields the candles from outside influences which ensures that the candle you buy is free from negative energies.



Cooling candles surrounded by white tea-light candles and crystals

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