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A Gift that makes a difference

The essence of Full Moon in Virgo is Love, Connection & Healing Energy. To give you a unique handcrafted product from start to finish that will leave you feeling cherished.

Our hope is to provide you with a gift that makes a difference.

Each and every product is created within a tranquil setting. During the entire process the space is filled with intuitively chosen Crystals and beautiful energy healing music.

All products are then Reiki Enhanced while being prepared, made and finally before delivery.

Your gifts are then carefully wrapped and nested in softly coloured tissue paper which is dusted with touch of lavender essential oil bringing a calming aroma straight to your door.

If you wish to add a personal touch to your special gift you may like to included a handwritten card with a thoughtful message which can be for any occasion.

Taking time out to find our place of tranquility is our gift to ourselves.


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