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Staying Grounded during Winter

I’m not sure about you. But during these cold winter months I find it so much more difficult to keep myself grounded.

It’s true. I tend to spend less time outdoor connecting with nature and no time at all walking around barefoot.

Even though I enjoy the comforts of winter, like snugging up in a blanket, reading a good book or watching a movie, I don’t always feel balanced and centred.

There are many things I love to do to keep me connected and present, but lets just name a few:

- Sitting by a window with the sunshine beaming through while looking out into my garden always tends to brighten up my mood.

- Pampering my feet by giving them a mini pedi or taking time out to have a relaxing herbal infused bath brings balance to my Mind, Body and Spirit.

- Filling my home with indoor plants and crystals connects me with nature all year round.

- Having an outdoor fire or burning candles throughout my space brings calm and comfort.

Uplifting our spirits, balancing our emotions and comforting and connecting with ourselves are essential elements so that we can appreciate what winter has to offer.


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